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Basmati Rice

Indian Original Basmati Rice Products We supply wide range of Basmati Rice as per client's requirements. Rice Varieties : Indian Origin Basmati Rice Basmati, the long grains with discrete fragrance, are grown in a specified geographical area, the Himalayan foothills of the Indian sub-continent, since years. The extremely long grains elongate at least twice upon cooking. They also boast of soft and delicate fluffy texture, taste of excellence, tempting flavor and magical aroma. Its long and slender grains make it unique among other varieties of long grain Rice with alluring aroma. Some of the Indian Basmati Rice that we offer are:View Basmati Rice »

Non Basmati Rice

Original Indian Non Basmati Rice Products We supply wide range of Premium Non-Basmati Rice as per client's requirements. Rice Varieties : Indian Origin Non-Basmati Rice In addition to the Basmati Rice, we also manufacture and supply the non-basmati Indian Rice consumed intensely around the world. Indian non-Basmati Rice comes in various shapes and sizes. Some are slender and long, some round while others are short and thick with few bead like in shape. Some of the Indian non-basmati rice we offer are:View Non Basmati Rice »

Non Pesticides Rice

Original Indian Non Pesticides Rice Products We supply wide range of Pesticides Residues Free Rice on EU Norms Rice Varieties : Indian Origin Non Pesticides Rice Pesticides Residues Free Rice is proven to be more nutritious and safer than Conventional rice. Our Non Pesticides range of rices are carefully produced while keeping all your concerns about health and quality in mind. The Himalayan foothills comprise the best geographical area for producing the crops of basmati rice and non-basmati rice. The land and other geographical benefits offer the perfect atmosphere for the crops of basmati rice to grow naturally without any modifications. Our pesticides residues free range of rice is strictly grown without using any harmful pesticides which is one hundred percent safe and healthy for consumption, without any compromise on their taste, quality or texture. The Indian Non Pesticides Rice that we offer are:View Non Pesticides Rice »

Destination For Riders

We are engaged in milling of best authentic Indian basmati rice processed after 3 months of careful storage in completely infection free environment and are acclaimed for its long & slender grains. With best in class infrastructural setup comprising of state of the art machineries, advanced processing, quality control, packaging & warehousing units, we cater to the rising needs of our clients across the globe. Our excellent 25,000 MT of storage facilities allow us to stock our products in high quantities and under hygienic conditions which further helps in the timely delivery of consignments. We have rice packing machines and offer multiple packaging options starting from 1Kg pack to 50Kg pack. These can be further customized in any size and packing material as per client’s requirement. We also specialize in rice suitable for catering companies in bulk packing.

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